About Us

Jenn Kotler believes games, software, and art can break barriers and empower people, especially in education. She is passionate about using her design skills to work on amazing projects that achieve these goals. Check out her work at jennk.com or at her GitHub.

Changbai Li is a creative developer expecting graduation from RIT from the New Media Interactive Development major at spring 2015. While not noodling on his guitar or ukulele, Changbai makes games, website, and interactive experiences in the digital realm. Check out his work at changbai.li.

Conor Skatrud is a third year Game Design & Development student at RIT. He specializes in programming, web development, and 3D modeling. In his free time, Conor likes to read and play the latest video games.

Kay McGee is a fourth year double majoring in Information Technology and Game Design and Development. In her free time, she likes to write, doodle, and make robots sing pretty songs. Check out her work at electrorobo.net.