How to Play

Race to Nairobi – Rules


Reach the target distance before any other player.

note: Each space on the board equates to 10km.

To begin, deal each player six cards. The youngest player will go first and turns will continue clockwise.

Draw one card, then play one card. A player must begin and end every turn with six cards in hand.


DISTANCE: Move forward the written distance.

ILLNESS: Play on other players to give them the sickness written on the card.

CURE: Cures an illness card. Can be played from the hand to immediately counter an illness, or played on your turn to remove the illness. If played directly from the hand, draw back up to six cards.

PREVENTION: Prevents a type of illness entirely. Functions like a cure, except that upon playing it, you will immediately receive another turn, even if this is played as a counter. If it is played as a counter, immediately go to that player’s turn regardless of the current turn order and continue on from them. There is only one of each in the deck.

SPECIAL: Cards with a unique effect. There is only one of each in the deck.



MOSQUITO BITE: Gives Malaria. Discard highest mileage card and lose next turn
Prevented By: Mosquito Net
Cured By: Antimalarial Pills (changes card effect)

DIRTY WATER: Lose 10km (1 space)
Prevented By: Filter
Cured By: Boil/Chlorinate Water (changes card effect)

WORMS: You cannot move more than 10km (1 space) per turn until cured
Prevented By: Sandals
Cured By: Deworming Pills

MEASLES: Lose a turn
Prevented By: Vaccination
Cured By: Doctor Visit

DIRTY HANDS: Gives Diarrhea. You cannot move more than 30km (3 spaces) per turn
Prevented By: Soap
Cured By: ORS


ANTIMALARIAL PILLS: You no longer have to discard your highest mileage card, but you still lose a turn
Cures: Malaria

BOIL/CHLORINATE WATER: Instead of moving back 10km (1 space), you move forward 10km (1 space)
Cures: Dirty Water

DEWORMING PILLS: Removes 10km (1 space) per turn limit
Cures: Worms

DOCTOR VISIT: Don’t lose a turn
Cures: Measles

ORS (ORAL REHYDRATION SOLUTION): Removes 30km (3 space) per turn limit
Cures: Diarrhea


MOSQUITO NET: Prevents malaria

FILTER: Prevents dirty water
Additional Effect: Instead of moving back 10km (1 space), you move forward 10km (1 space)

SANDALS: Prevents worms

VACCINATION: Prevents measles

SOAP: Prevents diarrhea


WALK: Move forward 10km (1 space)

JOG: Move forward 30km (3 spaces)

RUN: Move forward 50km (5 spaces)

BUS: Move forward 70km (7 spaces)


FLASH FLOOD: Remove all diseases and preventions from one player

HOSPITAL VISIT: Remove all diseases from one player


The game ends either when one player reaches the target distance. If the deck runs out, reshuffle the discard pile and use as new draw pile.