untraceable (board game) ★

Untraceable was a board game I came up with the inital concept for and then designed with a group for Game Design and Development 1.

The setting of the game (although you'd never know from the prototype) is an office building, that is for whatever reason stocked with all sorts of valuables just waiting to be stolen. The players are time-travelling thieves, who are all competing with one another for the treasure inside. Using their powers, they can manipulate both the locks and the security - leading them to the treasure while getting their opponents caught. The goal is to make it out of the building without being noticed, and after that whoever makes it out and has the most treasure wins.

The version of the game pictured here is the final version that I playtested with a group of my friends. All modifications to this version were done by me, as illness prevented me from finishing the project along with the group. It went over pretty well during the playtest, and while I've moved on to other board game design projects in my free time, I think it might be fun to come back to someday.


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